Loving Kindness Meditation
Share this meditation with us. Practice it once a day for one month. It will change your life and your mind.
When meditating in a group, the underlined parts are meant to be recited in chorus by all participants.

Loving Kindness #3:
Loving Kindness and Gratitude To all Causes and Conditions

"To all causes and conditions that have given rise to my existence, I send waves of
Loving- Kindness.

To the first life forms that arose on Earth,

To all those beings who have lived and died since those first days until my own days,

To all those causes and conditions before I was conceived, or even had a name,

To all those who cared for me when I was small and helpless,
Gratitude and Loving-Kindness.

To all those who contributed to my growth and maturity, I send waves of
Gratitude and Loving-Kindness.

To all those people and forces that make up the life-support network that sustains me,
Gratitude and Loving-Kindness.

As my body and mind age and begin to fail me, to all who help me and are patient with me, I send waves of
Gratitude and Loving-Kindness.

As I approach the moment of death, I send Loving-Kindness to all parts of my body for their years of service, and to all beings in the seven directions that I may face a future full of the karma of

And I especially greet with gratitude all those who support me in the hours of my death,
Loving-Kindness to your all!

To all beings who support and nurture me,
To all who guide and sustain me after my name is forgotten,
To all who guide and sustain me after my face is forgotten,
Without hesitation, without resentment, without ill-will, I send to all causes and conditions of my existence, from the first to the last,
Gratitude, Peace and Loving-Kindness."

NAMO MAHA METTA BODHI (recite this over and over) "Mind-full of the Great loving-kindness awakening."

Developed by Rev. Ulrich,
Manitoba Buddhist Temple

March 12, 2003