In the Media
Sensei Fredrich Ulrich and the Manitoba Buddhist Temple have been fortunate to have been featured in several outlets of the Canadian media.

courtesy Winnipeg Free Press

Building Bridges to Buddhism
Winnipeg Free Press
After more than a decade of sermons, speeches and television appearances, the city's most public Buddhist is becoming a little more enlightened about the prospect of retirement.

Buddhism Explains Stoic Reaction to Disaster
Winnipeg Free Press
"Natural tragedies are part of living on the planet," says Fredrich Ulrich, Sensei of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple. "Its geology and geography make such recurring tragedies inevitable. There is no need to think we have been targeted by a god of some sort."

Include atheists in discussions, Buddhist urges
Winnipeg Free Press
The next time someone convenes a discussion between different faith groups, consider extending the invitation to those who proclaim to have no faith at all, suggests a leader in the Buddhist community....

Where is God?
CBC Radio and are exploring the question "Where is God today?" Commentators, religious thinkers and ordinary Canadians give their thoughts...

The Promise of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
God Alive (Vaughan Weekly Newspaper)

The Rev. Fredrich Ulrich was the key note speaker at the Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada (the annual gathering of United Churches in the GTA). Nothing extraordinary in that, is there?

Is there meaning in life?
CMU/GodTalk Radio Forum
Is there meaning and purpose in life? That’s a question many people ask. About 150 people turned out to a forum at Canadian Mennonite University on March 5 to hear a Christian, a Buddhist and a humanist offer answers to that question...

Buddha, Beastie Boys and the Way of the Fist
Canstar News Service
It hard to imagine that belligerent side of him as he gently pours tea and, at times, closes his eyes when he speaks, as if to put his words into a well-thought-out cadence. It sounds like a movie, but the path Ulrich took to Buddhism is wilder than any Bruce Lee film...

Canadian Buddhists Celebrate 100 Years
Winnipeg Free Press/Global TV
The 100th Anniversary of Shin Buddhism in this country was celebrated on August 28 at the Manitoba Buddhist Temple, 825 Winnipeg Avenue. It was built in 1946 by Japanese-Canadian Buddhists on release from internment working Manitoban beet fields...