Where is God?
CBC Series
CBC Radio and
January 7, 2008


CBC Radio and are exploring the question "Where is God today?" Commentators, religious thinkers and ordinary Canadians give their thoughts. Among the participants was our own, Sensei Ulrich. He was interviewed about how he came to become a Jodo Shinshu Minister and was featured in a photo slideshow. LISTEN TO THE CBC REPORT... WATCH THE SLIDESHOW (Sensei Ulrich is the fourth person presented)...

Also in the series is Bonnie Tittaferrante from Thunder Bay. Bonnie is the Lay Leader of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhists of Thunder Bay. Here is part of the essay she wrote for CBC.CA:

Following the Path in a Northern Town
Gold, red, mahogany and marble Buddhas from various sects fill my home. But a single statue of my Buddha, Amida, graces the home shrine (butsudan), his fit physical features a mixture of many races. He stands with one hand upward and one reaching down to me. After chanting and readings of the Dharma (Teachings), the welcoming smell of sandalwood incense permeates my home, as it does Jodo Shinshu temples and homes worldwide. Once a predominately ethnic Japanese-based sect, Jodo Shinshu Buddhism (also called Shin) is slowly growing among those of non-Japanese descent.