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Buddhism 101

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism was founded 8,000 kilometres east of Winnipeg more than 800 years ago. Its origins involve a radical monk, a Pure Land, and, as is true of all Buddhist schools of thought, the goal of Enlightenment. The tradition’s relatively recent history in Canada is intertwined with the devastating internment, during the Second World War, of Japanese Candians—the descendants of farmers and fishermen who brought Jodo Shinshu to B.C. and Alberta in the 1800s.

So even before you try to start unpacking the religion’s pivotal Primal Vow of Amida or attempt to memorize the Nembutsu chant, there’s a lot to learn. That's why the Manitoba Buddhist Temple is offering a Buddhism 101 class to get you started

The two session class is free, just bring your curiosity and an open mind.

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