This is an English version of Ryogemon, the Shin Buddhist statement of the satori of faith, as taught by Shinran. There are over 10 translations in use and none of them meets the intercultural challenge and the propagational challenge. We will add our efforts to the process. We are practicing this in the elders service and in the regular services at the temple. It is helping me with my Japanese pronunciation and helping the community to get a grasp into the heart of Shin Buddhism. This is done in collaboration with Izumi Sensei of Vancouver.

THUS I HAVE HEARD A Matter of Great Concern
What direction will our lives take after the disappearance of the body? This is a matter of great of concern for many people. There is indeed a wide variety of practices and theories about the afterlife.

We, however, do at this very moment cast aside all this confusion based on self-power.

Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves, here and now, to realizing refuge in the Infinite-At-Work-In-All-Things—Amida Buddha. This is the source of our trust and assurance.

We know that this single moment of refuge arises due to Amida’s compassion for us and is the right and real cause directing our future lives.
For this reason, we recite “namo amida buddha---refuge in amida buddha” with delight in the wondrous gift of infinite life.

This Sacred Name will be on our lips the rest of our lives out of deepest gratitude.

As we reflect further on this matter of great concern, we realize that our opportunity to hear this important truth is the result of the tireless efforts of Shinran and the teachers who follow this profound Way. They constantly inspire us to renewal and reform from generation to generation.

We also humbly acknowledge the need to follow the guidelines established for maintaining harmony in our Sangha.

Izumi Sensei, Vancouver Buddhist Temple
Ulrich Sensei, Manitoba Buddhist Temple

June 3, 2001