Awaken Your Bodhi Mind
This sutra is recited at funeral services.

SOLO: I urge you all to awaken your bodhi mind and take refuge in the Awakened One, the Teachings and the Community of those who seek the Light together. Yes, ordained folk and lay-folk both, awaken your bodhi mind during these decadent times.

CONGREGATION: Those who find great difficulty in escaping the delusions of life and death are encouraged to rejoice in the Way of the Buddha, to awaken your minds to Amida's Compassion and to leap across the currents of birth, suffering and death to enter the Pure Land of Liberation. With hands together in gratitude we show reverence to this source of infinite life and infinite light. We turn towards the Buddhas as they emerge forth from the sea of enlightenment with the skill to embrace all beings with loving kindness, bringing each and every one of us to spiritual fulfillment.

SOLO: The Great Enlightened Beings, dedicated to the welfare of all humankind, have freed themselves from the Three Poisons of Ignorance, Hatred and Greed to gain liberation and enlightenment that they then share with us selflessly.

CONGREGATION: You who sail the seas of delusion, receive the diamond mind of faith, and take refuge in the Way of the Buddha and these Dharma Teachers who share this Light without a trace of prejudice or discrimination. May all beings turn towards this Light which is pouring out to all of us equally.

SOLO: We receive the Awakened One's mind of compassion so that we may live with courage and confidence. We are thus mindful of the Buddha in every single thought moment.

CONGREGATION: We have sailed the seas of delusion since time immemorial, and now at this very moment, even in the midst of these decadent times, thousands of years after Shakyamuni Buddha’s Nirvana, yes now we hear the truth of Buddha's promises and about being invited into the State of True and Real Happiness.

SOLO: We direct our thoughts towards enlightenment and towards becoming one with Infinite Light and Infinite Life. Reciting these verses is our refuge in the Awaken One, the Teachings and the Community of those who seek the Light together. May the Buddhas, greater in number than all the grains of sand on earth, awaken our darkest minds with their limitless compassion.

CONGREGATION: We who benefit from the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and from the embrace Amida, the Infinite Buddha of Light and Life, throw open the gates of liberation to all beings, so that everyone without exception may enter the State of True and Real Happiness.