Recommended Reading
A short informal bibliography about the renewal of Buddhism from various points of view.
A list of children's titles are available here.

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Wilson, Jeff: Buddhism of the Heart
(Wisdom Publications 2010)
Invites readers into the world of Shin stories and metaphors, passed down, elaborated, and re-energized generation after generation.

Akizuki, Ryomin: New Mahayana: Buddhism for the Post-Modern World,
Asian Humanities Press (Berkeley, 1990)

Brazier, David: The New Buddhism,
Palgrave (New York, 2002)

Brazier, David: The Feeling Buddha,
Palgrave (New York, 2002)

Dumoulin, Heinrich: Zen Buddhism in the 20th Century,
Weatherhill, Inc., (New York, 1992)

Ling, Trevor: The Buddha,
Penguin Books (Middlesex, England, 1973)

Nishitani, Keiji: On Buddhism,
State University of New York (Albany, 2006)

Ogui, Koshin: Zen Shin Talks,
Zen Shin Buddhist Publications (Cleveland, 1998)
This one is written by the present Bishop of Buddhist Churches of America

Suzuki, D.T.: Mysticism: Christian and Buddhist,
Dover (Mineola, N.Y., 1957)

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Shigaraki, Takamaro: The Life of Awakening: The Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path,
Hozokan Publications (Japan, 2005)
This is a very important book for Shin Buddhism. However the most interesting part for many readers was the last ½ of the book about the impact of the shinjin experience on one’s life and mind state. This should have been the first part of the book.
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Ohtani, Koshin: The Buddha's Wish for the World
(American Buddhist Study Center Press, 2009)
Written by the head of Jodo Shinshu, Monshu Koshin Ohtani, this book is dedicated to the 750th memorial of Shinran Shonin.

Haidt, Jonathan: The Happiness Hypothesis,
(Basic Books NY)
A former Buddhist devotee criticizes Buddhism on the point of detachment crippling Buddhism’s vitality to relieve human suffering in the external world of action and relationships. Also there arises as a result the problem in Buddhist leaders of the arrogance of detachment.

Hayes, Richard P.: Land of No Buddha: Reflections of a Skeptical Buddhist,
Windhorse Publications (Birmingham, 1998)
This is an important book from a longtime practitioner of Buddha Dharma in the West. Includes a very informative chapter on Christianity and Buddhism that should be read by any Buddhist not born in North America and by anyone trying to promote Buddha Dharma in the West.

Hershock, Peter D.: Reinventing the Wheel: A Buddhist Response to the Information Age, State University of New York (Albany, 1999)

Hirota, Dennis, ed.: Toward a Contemporary Understanding of Pure Land Buddhism: Creating a Shin Buddhist Theology in a Religiously Plural World, State of University of New York Press (Albany, 2000)

Tanaka, Kenneth: Ocean: An Introduction to Jodo-Shinshu in America,
Wisdom Ocean Press (Berkeley, 1997)
Rev. Tanaka was one of my teachers. This book was written as the result of extensive interviews with layfolk and aspiring ministers.

Wilber, Ken, et al.: Transformations of Consciousness,
Shambala (Boston, 1986)

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Beyer, Stephan: The Religious Life of Man Series: The Buddhist Experience: Sources and Interpretations,
Wadsworth Publishing (Belmont, Calif., 1974.)