Eightfold Path for Children
We have developed a simplified version of the Eightfold Path for youth 12 to 18 years old. Some adults prefer this version, too, as opposed to the more scholarly, 'heavy' versions. It is something that can be done as a family activity or a bedtime activity. Many parents are asking for bedtime prayers for their Buddhist children. The word prayer has to be used with care in connection with Buddhism. This version of the Eightfold Path can be used in the place of the traditional religious practice of prayer. Try it and let us know how it works for you.


Leader: The teachings of the Buddha help us to understand the oneness of all life. To lead us in the right direction, the Buddha left for us the Eightfold Path:

1. Right Views: To keep ourselves free of prejudice and superstition, and to see the true nature of life.

2. Right Thoughts: To turn our minds away from the violence and hatred in this world.

3. Right Speech: To refrain from harmful talk and to use our words wisely.

4. Right Conduct: To see that our deeds come from peace and goodwill. To grow every day in the Buddha's Teachings.

5. Right Livelihood: To try to earn our living in such a way that we avoid evil karma.

6. Right Energy: To use our energies to promote the overcoming ignorance and destructive desires.

7. Right Mindfulness: To cherish a good mind, for all that we think and do have their roots in the mind.

8. Right Meditation: To study the Teachings of the Buddha and to practice them to the best of our abilities.

Leader: May the presence of the Buddha, who said that he would live in his teachings, be our guide. May we follow this path until we too, attain Nirvana. Namo Amida Buddha, Namo Amida Buddha, Namo Amida Buddha.