Birth Announcement from the Kosola Free Press, April 16, 563BC:
The Gotama family of Kosala is proud to announce the birth of their first son, Siddhartha, on April 15, 563BC. Suddhodhana, the father, rushed from his estate at Kapilavastu to the side of his ailing wife, Maya. She was resting in Lumbini Garden where the child was born under a tree out in the open. Maya was on her way to have the baby at her parents’ home, which is the custom with her tribe. The baby entered the world as a surprise while she was travelling. She and her entourage found refuge in Lumbini Garden. There is concern for her welfare but Suddhodhana has engaged the best doctors, as well an entourage of midwives to attend to her needs.

They are also concerned about the future of this special baby who was born with some teeth, could say a word or two and managed to take seven steps before he submitted to the ritual bathing required by his tribe.

The grandfather, Siahana from Nepal, sent congratulations by special courier. Several wise men came to inspect the new born. They found his white forelock very impressive. One, Asita, predicted that the boy would grow up to be a great spiritual leader, the Muni of the Shakya’s.

Neighboring tribes are already offering their daughters as future brides. One offered his newly born daughter, Yashodara, to become Siddhartha’s bride when the two are old enough to be wed. But the court is in the meantime trying to decide on his education and rearing. Traditionally, the Shakyans, the happy couple’s tribe, sent their sons at the age of seven for their knights training. The wife’s parents,
Suprabuddha and Amita, also want a say in how the child should be raised.

There are many reports of auspicious signs in the area. Flowers bloomed in profusion, the trees swayed in rhythm together, and the light rain tasted sweet on the tongue. Stars seemed to shine more brightly in the evening when Maya’s entourage has to stop for the night at Lumbini Garden. This site was chosen because the garden is noted for its herbs and medicine trees.

The small baby will have a long name, Gotama Siddhartha Shakyamuni. Already local groups are preparing for celebrations. There will be dancing, music, poetry, good fellowship and good food.

Everyone is confident that the baby will grow up to have a very special life. Please send your congratulations to: Gotama Family, Kapilavastu, Kosola, India, c/o the Shakyan Tribe.

NB: This report was tendered at the Kosala Free Press by one Ulrich, Sensei. He is hoping to make the arduous journey to Lumbini Garden to pay homage to Siddhartha. We await his report with great interest.

Ed. Kosola Free Press.

Sensei Ulrich

April 22, 2012