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Membership Matters
Our Temple wants a Minister that resides in Winnipeg. To do so, we must double our membership and utilize those funds to afford a Minister.

We are grateful for our monthly guest Ministers but the Sangha is unable to build a bond with them. For over 70 years we have had a resident minister and being without one we realize how important our own minister is. So the Temple needs YOU to become a member.

Why become a member?
It is true that by becoming a member of the Temple you will not get priority seating or early entrance to our services. You will not get a discount on your manju or Udon at our October Bazaar. In fact, if you were to become a member, you may be asked to serve on the Temple's Board of Directors or be a leader of one of our fundraisers. Why become a member when it may mean working long hours and carrying a burden of responsibility?

It is very hard to argue this question from just a business perspective. But the Temple is not an ordinary business. And the logic to justify becoming a member is not a simple linear cost-benefit formula. In fact, my response is, "Because you can and perhaps already have taken advantage of all the programs, organizations, and services that this temple provides without being a member, is the very reason to become a member."

  • If you or your parents were able to attend a Sunday School, and felt your experience was worthwhile such that you would like your kids to be able to have that same opportunity of fun and learning leadership. You have received a benefit. That is why you should become a member.
  • If you were married at the Temple, you received a benefit hopefully of a lasting relationship with a partner and soul mate. That is why you should become a member.
  • If you have had a loved one who passed away and their funeral or memorial services were conducted under the supervision of the Temple, you have received a benefit of the rights of passage during one of the most emotional periods in any life.
  • If you have developed friendships by working side by side with others during Manju making, Cherry Blossom Tea, October Bazaar, you have received a benefit. That is why you should become a member.

All of this and more are the result of the members past and present who have said, "Having a Buddhist Temple in Winnipeg is important." And now I need to do what I can to help ensure that others in the future have the same if not more opportunities that will benefit and enhance their lives. That is why I should be or become a member.

People do not become members of a Temple with the thought or idea that they will then get some benefit out of it. Rather, it is because they have already received the benefits of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and are moved to repay that great debt of gratitude that they become a member of a Temple. In this way, by their support, they will help to ensure that others in the present and future generations have that same opportunity to hear the Dharma of the Buddha enriching and deepening the meaning of their own lives. Then becoming a member of the temple is not Self-benefiting but Benefiting Others. This is the true heart of compassion.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Sangha.

In Gassho,

Harvey Kaita
President – Board of Directors
Manitoba Buddhist Temple

Annual Membership fees
Adults -  $245 (about $20 per month)
80+ years - $235
Students - $50
Young Adults up to 30 years old - $100
Out of town members - $100

Payment Options
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Incentive for new members,
Pay your membership in 2017 and we will honour your membership to the end of 2018.

Also complete the membership form.


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