Honouring Our Elders

Keiro-kai is our day to say “thanks” to the senior members of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple. Throughout the years, they have given their time and effort for the Buddhist community in this city. Their Buddhist lineage goes back several generations. An incredible notion if you think about it. While many of us may be new to Buddhism, these people were brought up in a Buddhist home with a Buddhist family.

 Fifty people, including eleven elders, attended this year’s Keiro-Kai service and lunch, which was held in the hondo of the temple for the very first time.

Thanks to everyone who brought a dish of food for our meal. I especially want to thank Mona Hiebert and Donna Nishimura for preparing the games and prizes. Also to Susan Nishi for organizing the potluck. We are grateful for your contributions.
With great respect to our elders, we hope you enjoyed your day.