The Latest from Lethbridge

In Alberta, the amalgamation of the southern Alberta temples into the Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta continues. And with that project, comes the building of a new temple in Lethbridge.

Architect drawings are near completion and construction should start in December. The building is expected to be completed by October 2008.

From the October issue of the Hikari - Newsletter of the Buddhist Federation of Alberta:

As everyone is aware, the Taber Buddhist Church has been sold with possession by the new buyer to take place on October 1st. Monday, September 17th was a sad day for Taber members as a group of volunteers gathered to dismantle the Butsudan. The only bright spot was that The Galt Museum has indicated that it will be honoured to accept donation of the Butsudan and will develop a display where it will be available to members well into the future. The kansho (bell), reputed to have the best sound of all the bells in southern Alberta has been selected for the new temple.