Jodo Shinshu Online

Almost 800 years have passed since Shinran revealed the teaching of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism) in Japan, following the path of Sakyamuni and other masters in India, China and Japan.  The teaching, with deep reflection on human existence and the realization of dynamic Dharma, has fascinated many people around the world.  Thus, the practice of Jodo Shinshu does not remain  solely in Japan, but has expanded to Hawaii, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.  More people are learning about Jodo Shinshu through ministers’ activities, publications and the internet.  As one response to their growing interest, the Honpa Hongwanji (Mother temple in Japan) has established a correspondence course which provides, especially for those who do not have access to temples nearby, with basic knowledge of Jodo Shinshu. 
In addition, this correspondence course also aims to provide those individuals, who have already joined Jodo Shinshu temples as members, with opportunities to deepen their understanding.  This is achieved through internet communication with instructors about specific topics related to Jodo Shinshu and Buddhism in general.  The correspondence course takes on a new challenge and plays an important role in transmitting the teaching to all people who seek further knowledge of Jodo Shinshu. The Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada is pleased to offer you the Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course and welcome your enthusiastic participation in this new journey of online education.

"As a participant, I found the 10 week course informative and thought provoking. I felt the experience served to deepen my appreciation and understanding of Jodo Shinshu and ignited a desire to continue the studies. I am eagerly waiting to enroll in the fall courses." --Renae Barlow, Lethbridge, Alberta