First Slurpee

Not sure many of you know this, but Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is the Slurpee capital of the world. We have retained the title for eight years in a row. Besides sales of over 8,000 drinks per store, per month, a spokesperson for 7-11 says one of the reasons for the Winnipeg winning the title is, where else would someone be drinking a Slurpee in -40'C weather.

7-Eleven began selling Slurpees, then called Icees, in its stores in the United States in 1965. Despite its history in North America, this eighteenth-generation Jodo Shinshu priest recently had his first one. Socho Koshin Ogui Sensei has been a resident of the United States since 1962, but he he seems to be enjoying his first Slurpee.


Socho Ogui became minister of the Cleveland Buddhist Temple in 1977 and of the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago in 1992. In 2004, he was appointed Socho (Bishop) of the Buddhist Churches of America and has been instrumental in the ongoing revitalization and outreach efforts of that organization. THe is the author of "Zen Shin Talks", and now lives in San Francisco.

For an interesting article on Socho Ogui's view on Jodo Shinshu and meditation, read this recent article from tricycle Magazine.