Calgary Buddhist Film Series

A note from our sister temple in Calgary:

32nd Annual Alberta Buddhist Conference
With Jodo Shinshu Internationally, our own Alberta Temples are together this year commemorating 750 years of the life and teachings of Shinran Shonin!

The Alberta 750 Conference is October 28th - 31st, 2010 in Calgary. This year will feature the Calgary Buddhist Film Festival, speakers on Engaged Buddhism (including Manitoba minister, Fredrich Ulrich), Buddhist discussion break-outs, art from local artists, and social activities for the young and young-at-heart! Through this Celebration, we hope to again set in motion the dharma through our Vision of 'living, learning and teaching a life of joy and gratitude through Jodo Shinshu Buddhism'.

If you are reading this, you are Invited and welcome!"

By the way, great poster for this year's Buddhist Film Series.


Birth of the Buddha Celebration

Join us for a celebration of the birth of the Buddha! The event takes place at the St. Norbert Arts Centre on Sunday May 31 starting at 7:00pm. The program includes a Parade of Lanterns, spiritual dance and music and features a Dharma Talk by Sensei Ulrich.

Hanamatsuri Celebrates Buddha’s Birth

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What is Vesak?
The Buddhist Channel, April 30, 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Vesak (Sinhalese) is the most holy time in the Buddhist calendar. In Indian Mahayana Buddhist traditions, the holiday is known by its Sanskrit equivalent, Vaisakha. Due to the leap year in the lunar calendar, Vesak is celebrated on both May 1 and 31 in 2007 (varies according to countries). The word Vesak itself is the Sinhalese language word for the Pali variation, "Visakha". Visakha/Vaisakha is the name of the second month of the Indian calendar.

On Vesak Day, Buddhists all over the world commemorate events of significance to Buddhists of all traditions: The Birth, Enlightenment and the Passing Away of Gautama Buddha. The exact date of Vesak is defined according to the astrological calendar, as the time of the full moon of Taurus, which corresponds to the birth, enlightenment (Nirvana) and the passing away (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha. According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, Vesak is usually celebrated on the full moon day of the fourth month.

For this year 2007 however, there are two full moon days in the month of May. Some countries have opted to celebrate on the first full moon (May 1) based on the resolution passed at Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in 1950, whereas others have chosen to do so on the second full moon day (May 31), based on the traditional chinese calendar.

The decision to agree to celebrate Vesak as the Buddha’s birthday was formalized at the first Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (W.F.B.) held in Sri Lanka in 1950, although festivals at this time in the Buddhist world are a centuries-old tradition.

The Resolution that was adopted at the World Conference reads as follows:

"That this Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists, while recording its appreciation of the viscous act of His Majesty, the Maharaja of Nepal in making the full-moon day of Vesak a Public Holiday in Nepal, earnestly requests the Heads of Governments of all countries in which large or small number of Buddhists are to be found, to take steps to make the full-moon day in the month of May a Public Holiday in honour of the Buddha, who is universally acclaimed as one of the greatest benefactors of Humanity."

Where Vesak is celebrated in 2007 (brackett denotes what the public holiday is called in each respective country).
May 1: Sri Lanka (Vesak), Malaysia (Wesak), Cambodia (Visaka Bochea - Buddha Day), Myanmar (Kason Full Moon - Buddha Day)
May 2: Nepal - (Buddha Jayanti - Buddha Day), Laos - (Vesak), India (Buddha Purnima - Buddha Day), Bangladesh (Buddha Purnima - Buddha Day)
May 24: Hong Kong (Buddha's Birthday), South Korea (Seokka Tanshin-il - Buddha's Birthday), Macau (Buddha's Birthday), Taiwan (Buddha's Birthday)
May 31: Singapore (Vesak), Thailand (Visakha Bucha Day)
June 1: Bhutan (Buddha Day), Indonesia (Waisak - Buddha Day)

In Japan, Buddhists including the Jodo Shinshu sect, celebrate Buddha's birthday on April 8 as Hanamatsuri.

Among the events in Winnipeg, there will be a "Blue Moon Buddha Birthday" celebration at the St. Norbert Arts Centre on Sunday, May 31. The program includes a lantern procession, chanting of loving kindness and insight meditation. Radhika, a teacher from the Sri Lankan community, and Sensei Ulrich of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple will each give a dharma talk. There will be music, tea and snacks in the gallery.