Obama Buddha

courtesy robotpirateninja.com

Barack Obama has made it clearly known that he is a Christian. But many Buddhists believe that he may have studied some of the Buddha's teaching. It looks like we were not the only people looking for a connection on the internet:

Every once and a while I Google 'Obama and Buddhist' just to see if he is a secret Buddhist. So far nothing has come up. What I did note is that there were a number of Buddhists blogs, organizations, and individuals who see Buddhism in Obama's approach to listening, problem solving, patience, tolerance, and so on. -The Original Black Buddha

Earlier this year, we told you about his sister, Maya, who considers herself a "Buddhist".

So the connection grows, whether it's real or not. Even Obama's own website has a "Buddhists for Obama" group. At last count, 438 people have become members.

And that leads us to the "Buddhists for Obama" fridge magnets.

But our favorite comes from Lama Surya Das, who made a guest appearance this month on the Stephen Colbert Show on CTV/Comedy Central. Colbert introduced him on a very funny segment called "Obama's Church Search". Colbert asked Surya Das why Obama should become a Buddhist now that he’s left the church he grew up with. The Lama gave twelve reasons why Obama should become a Buddhist on his blog:

12. Buddhists have more fun.

11. It’d be great to have a president for once who practiced right speech, right actions, right intentions and right livelihood, as Buddha taught.

10. I’d call him Head Lama Obama.

9. All the best people are. My religion is the best and the only way, just like yours.

8. Buddha has for 2500 years taught change and inclusivity.

7. Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training is good for both physical and mental health.

6. Buddha was the world’s first ecological leader and protector of animals as well as human beings. (Obama could rename 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue “The Green House”)

5. Nonviolence and altruism is the Buddhist way. War might be outlawed.

4. Buddhist practices of mindful anger management and nonviolent conflict resolution could make him an enlightened leader, like Aung San Su Kyii of Burma and the Dalai Lama of Tibet. (Pres. Medvedev of Russia does yoga.)

3. I am a Buddha, and so can you.

2. It would help the energy crisis.

AND FINALLY, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my father’s favorite answer to all of life’s big questions: