Bad Buddha

Looking for podcasts on Buddhism?

If you are looking for the "raw" goods, you might want to check out the "Bad Buddha."

Ryu Cope of West-Central Illinois, is the Bad Buddha. His 54 podcasts and counting, give you his unique take on Buddhism in a contemporary context. Cope admits that he is not a scholar or expert in Buddhism, but his recordings are entertaining and informative.

I think that, while Ryu is probably a bit brash and simplistic for someone out there looking for thick, heavy philosophic discussions, he is a fresh, very palatable speaker and keeps his audience well-entertained during his show while dishing up a good tutorial on the thought school and giving you something to think about at the end of the day. If you’re even a little bit curious about Buddhism, I’d highly recommend his show, even for an overview of the philosophy. The Bad Buddhist is fun, amusing, and if you’re not careful, you might even learn something or find a new way of viewing the world. I know I have. -PhilosYphia

To get a feel for the podcasts, here's a brief Q & A from his website:

Q: Who is Ryu Cope (The Bad Buddha)?
That would be me. I'm a creative, spiritual type who has been a frustrated Buddhist for quite a while. I believe strongly in the Middle Way and the pragmatic teachings of the Buddha. I don't believe in the importance given to the confusing messages that have been added to the Buddha's words over the past twenty-six centuries -- karma, reincarnation, transmigration, enlightenment as an "escape" of anything, etc.
I'm also an ex-stand-up comedian, so don't take anything I say too seriously. Including the previous comment. So there, nyah!

Q: Why "Bad" Buddhism?
Because it is my feeling that modern Buddhism has gotten lost in a quagmire of "feelgood" babble and spiritual mumbo-jumbo. To me, the teachings of the Buddha were about reality and practicality -- not "infinite love and compassion for all things" and "escaping the wheel of rebirth". I believe that the practical, no-nonsense Buddhism I espouse makes me a "bad" Buddhist in the light of what is generally accepted as modern Buddhism by society at large.

Q: Are you a Buddhist monk?
Nope. And neither was the Buddha.

Q: Then what makes you such an expert on Buddhism?
Absolutely nothing. The Buddha himself was special only in that he considered himself "awake". I'm trying to wake up and I'm trying to wake others up with me. And that waking up also means waking up from the metaphysical idiocy that seems to have taken over the Buddhist world.

The "Bad Buddha" can be heard in Winnipeg on the Red River Community College radio station 92.9 KICK FM.