Remembering Sensei Michael


To Temples, board members, members and friends,

Reverend Michael Hayashi entered the Pure Land at 2:50 pm CST Dec 4, 2015. His family was by his side and he passed away peacefully while listening to one of his favorite songs "Dust to Dust" by The Civil Wars.


Sensei Michael was admitted to the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre on November 21st. As it became apparent that he had incurable stomach cancer, his wife Kiyomi and their family, his aunts and uncles, sister and mother and many friends came to comfort him. Koden (donation to the family as an offering of condolences and to assist with expenses). Those who would like to help the family with expenses during this time may make a contribution through this service.
The Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada is working with the Vancouver Buddhist Temple to provide this vehicle. Please note that contributions do not qualify for CRA Tax receipts.

The JSBTC has consulted with the family on how we can convey messages of support and how to help with the many expenses the family faces.

Loving Thoughts and Financial Gratitude 

1. By mail addressed to: 

Kiyomi Hayashi and family c/o JSBTC 
220 Jackson Ave
Vancouver B.C. V6A 3B3

Cheques should be payable to: Kiyomi Hayashi
Please include your name, address or email in your message.

2. At your local Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple:

Temples will accept sealed envelopes containing cards and cheques marked with your name and address. Please avoid using cash however if this is necessary, include your name and address.

3. Click on the green button to send a donation by credit card (in Canada and abroad):


The service costs approximately $0.60 plus 5.5% of the transaction amount. The family will receive the net amount. This service may be available on other temple websites as well. This method will be available at least until January 1, 2016 and may be extended further.

Please note that financial support of this nature does not qualify for CRA tax receipts

On behalf of the JSBTC and Bishop Tatsuya Aoki,

Trudy Gahlinger, JSBTC Secretary

Renovations Completed


After a summer of renovations and holidays, close to 100 people attended the September Memorial service and barbeque kicking off the 70th anniversary season of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple.

Sensei Michael Hayashi led the ceremony. During his dharma talk, he admitted to being overwhelmed by the work completed by volunteers throughout the summer.

At the end of the service, all the volunteers were individually named and applauded. Among them was Colleen Pilawski who volunteered her interior design skills to the project. She was asked to speak on how she chose the colours for the hondo. Her “attention to details” was an important asset throughout the process.

Following the service, members and guests were invited to celebrate the achievement at a backyard barbeque that featured “Japadogs” and “Yakiniku” burgers on the menu.

Temple President, Harvey Kaita remarked, “There was a feeling of oneness in the temple. Thank you for working so hard to make this special day become a reality.”

This was just the start of a very busy year. Many more events are planned throughout the 70th anniversary season, including the gathering of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples Of Canada Annual General Meeting in April 2016.

We hope that you visit often and make an effort to volunteer. Much more can be achieved through the power of oneness.

Monshu warms hearts


The 25th Monshu of the Nishi Hongwanji Temple, his Eminence Sennyo Shonin (Otani Kojun) made a special journey to our Temple.

Otani Kojun is the spiritual leader of our sect of buddhism and a direct descendent of the founder of Jodo Shinshu, Shinran Shonin.

It was a very proud day at the Temple, though the weather was rainy and dreary, our inside surroundings were warm and festive with 45+ attendees. We enjoyed the Gomonshu-sama’s Dharma message which was given in Japanese and English. He was a very approachable person and there was time for him to chat with the members individually.

A huge thank you to the volunteers most of whom also serve on the Board whose contribution resulted in a successful heartfelt day!

It was a memorable event and one that will be cherished always.

Monshu Visit to Winnipeg


Obon Memory Lanterns

Obon Memory Lanterns Poster