The Spirit of Jodo Shinshu

Neither monk nor layperson - The Spirit of Jodo Shinshu
The slow fragmentation of Jodo Shinshu within the international scene is becoming more noticeable. In the North American context, attendance in temples is dwindling. In response to this, those organizations that are importing other forms of practice - Zen-style meditations, Hindu Yoga, Western Psychology, European Japanization - seem to be doing better.

Should this trend be of concern at all?
How might we respond to this trend - academically? sociologically? psychologically? culturally? linguistically? methodologically? ritually?
organizationally? historically?

The 13th Biennial International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies Conference will be held at the University of Calgary on August 3, 4, and 5.

Papers can be given in Japanese or in English. Registration of $100 US or $110 CDN. includes book of abstracts, collection of papers, conference coffee breaks and lunches (on Friday and Saturday), an conference dinner on Saturday evening. Abstracts for papers will be received until June 5 and full papers until June 30. On Sunday an optional trip to Lake Louise and lunch at the Banff Springs Hotel is planned at extra cost.

Registration form containing information on Hotel and University Residence can be obtained by e-mailing Dr. Leslie Kawamura, Department of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary: