Renovations Completed


After a summer of renovations and holidays, close to 100 people attended the September Memorial service and barbeque kicking off the 70th anniversary season of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple.

Sensei Michael Hayashi led the ceremony. During his dharma talk, he admitted to being overwhelmed by the work completed by volunteers throughout the summer.

At the end of the service, all the volunteers were individually named and applauded. Among them was Colleen Pilawski who volunteered her interior design skills to the project. She was asked to speak on how she chose the colours for the hondo. Her “attention to details” was an important asset throughout the process.

Following the service, members and guests were invited to celebrate the achievement at a backyard barbeque that featured “Japadogs” and “Yakiniku” burgers on the menu.

Temple President, Harvey Kaita remarked, “There was a feeling of oneness in the temple. Thank you for working so hard to make this special day become a reality.”

This was just the start of a very busy year. Many more events are planned throughout the 70th anniversary season, including the gathering of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples Of Canada Annual General Meeting in April 2016.

We hope that you visit often and make an effort to volunteer. Much more can be achieved through the power of oneness.