Jodo Shinshu BTC AGM

The newly renamed Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada held their 2008 annual general meeting at the Vancouver Buddhist Temple on April 25-27th.

Two new people were added to the Board of Directors. They replaced Kent Suzuki of Vancouver (formerly of Hamilton) and our own Jim Hisanaga of Manitoba. Jim did an outstanding job as President bringing new issues to the forefront of discussion. Jim will continue as President of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple.

The Jodo Shinshu BTC Women's Federation, Living Dharma Centre and Ministerial Association also held meetings.

The Saturday night banquet honoured Sensei Kyojo Ikuta of the Calgary Buddhist Temple. He has served the Buddhist Churches of Canada for over fifty years. It was a touching evening highlighted by a spontaneous gathering of people who were married by Sensei Ikuta.

Sensei Ikuta and his family

The Manitoba delegates sing a retirement song.

Some of the many people that were married by Sensei Ikuta

The weekend closed with a closing service on Sunday followed by a discussion on "Greening the Environment and Buddhism" led by Dr. Leslie Kawamura of the University of Calgary and the Jodo Shinshu BTC-Living Dharma Centre.

The Board of Directors, Ministers, temple delegates and guests were warmly welcomed by the members of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple. Congratulations on a job well done!

The 2009 annual general meeting will take place at the Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta which is still under construction in Lethbridge. The 2010 meeting will be held in Winnipeg.