Monshu warms hearts


The 25th Monshu of the Nishi Hongwanji Temple, his Eminence Sennyo Shonin (Otani Kojun) made a special journey to our Temple.

Otani Kojun is the spiritual leader of our sect of buddhism and a direct descendent of the founder of Jodo Shinshu, Shinran Shonin.

It was a very proud day at the Temple, though the weather was rainy and dreary, our inside surroundings were warm and festive with 45+ attendees. We enjoyed the Gomonshu-sama’s Dharma message which was given in Japanese and English. He was a very approachable person and there was time for him to chat with the members individually.

A huge thank you to the volunteers most of whom also serve on the Board whose contribution resulted in a successful heartfelt day!

It was a memorable event and one that will be cherished always.