Dharma Realm

The Dharma Realm is probably the first Shin Buddhist podcast on the internet. It's a conversation between Rev. Harry Bridge of the Lodi Buddhist Church and Dr. Scott Mitchell of the Institute of Buddhist Studies on Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu. Their first topic is "mindfulness." The discussion is lively and contains good information on the Buddha dharma.

Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge spent his youth in Tokyo and the Boston. He encountered Buddhism while in college, and although he had dreams of becoming a professional musician, he instead found his way into the Buddhist ministry. He attended both the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, CA and Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan. In September of 2006 Rev. Bridge became the resident minister of the Buddhist Church of Lodi in California.

Scott Mitchell is a Buddhist scholar and Jodo Shinshu Buddhist who lives and works in Oakland and Berkeley, California. He recently completed his doctoral studies at the Graduate Theological Union; his dissertation, Taking Refuge in the Dharma: post-colonialism, ritual theory, and American Buddhist studies, examines the role of role of ritual within American Buddhist communities, challenging the orientalist assumptions of current scholarship. Currently, he works at the Institute of Buddhist Studies, both as a teacher and their resident web developer/IT guy. He also writes the blog, "The Buddha is My DJ."