An Invitation

Want to take a peek at a small Shin Temple in Japan? Ryokeiji Temple gives you the opportunity to do that, because most of its site has been translated in to English.

The temple belongs to the Izumoji Sect, one of the ten allied sects of Shin Buddhism in Japan. Located in the Fukui Prefecture, the temple has been in its present location for 400 years.

For over fifty years, Koju Fujieda has been the temple’s priest. He is also a Professor of English and has travelled to the U.S. and England. He has written several books including, “Dewdrops of Dharma.”

With his knowledge of both languages, he has been able translate his site for English-speaking guests. The most interesting part of the site is the Publication section. Within its folder, you will find interesting documents used to promote Buddhism to the temple’s followers. See the monthly “Dharma Cards” section that contain Buddhist sayings which are regularly sent by priests to temple members and friends. Also available is the quarterly publication, “Gunmo.” This dharma newsletter has been publishing for over 45 years.

Sensei Fujieda writes:

“Since my temple is located in the provincial area, few people visit here, except for the monthly and annual services and events.  As for English speaking guests, one or two in a few years come to the temple, mostly my friends.  So I would like a lot of English speakers to visit my web site. I would be pleased if you would tell your friends about my web site.”

Fujieda also tells us that when you visit the temple’s web site, it will not be time wasted in vain.