Hope and Healing

Leading Edge Health Education Course Explores Spiritual Aspects of Care

Aboriginal, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew and Humanist will gather to explore the spiritual aspects of health care at the fifth annual Spiritual Diversity: Hope and Healing course, presented by Health Sciences Centre Spiritual Health Services and University of Winnipeg Faculty of Theology.

“Healing involves the body and the spirit. It is important for health care providers to be aware of different cultural and spiritual perspectives on suffering, illness, healing, death and life,” --- Roger Armitte, Aboriginal Elder and Spiritual Health Specialist at Health Sciences Centre. 

The course is open to healthcare and social work professionals, University of Winnipeg students, community activists and volunteers, and any other interested spiritual seekers. The course may be taken for credit through University of Winnipeg Faculty of Theology. Applications will be accepted until May 29, 2009, for the course beginning in September. 

This spiritual health care education program is based on principles of diversity, inclusivity, hope and healing. Students will explore their own and others’ spiritual and religious perspectives.

The curriculum combines practical and theoretical elements, featuring guest speakers from a cross-section of spiritual traditions and health care professions. In addition, students will have opportunity to be actively involved in patient care.  

Through participating in the course, past students have found deeper appreciation and respect for different traditions, a new focus for their work in the healing professions, and positive change in their relationships. 

For more information contact:
Spiritual Health Services, Health Sciences Centre
T: 787-3884
E: pfrain@exchange.hsc.mb.ca 

Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg
T: 786-9857