BCC Day - October 28, 2007

As we celebrate the achievements of the past year, I would like to thank you, our ministers, members and friends for your extraordinary support of the Buddhist Churches of Canada (BCC).

At the 2007 BCC Annual General Meeting in Calgary, a commitment of $55 per member assessment fee was ratified by the member temples. These commitments are essential for the sustained health of our organization to support many of the programs which otherwise would become the responsibility of individual temples. However, the temple assessment fees are usually not sufficient to meet the demands of today’s rising costs and inflation. Each year, BCC is faced with a deficit.

The Buddhist Churches of Canada established BCC Day with the hope that all temples would observe the day with a service. It was felt that a Sunday in October would be the most appropriate as it commemorates the founding of Jodo Shinshu in Canada in 1905. Envelopes for the BCC Day konshi are distributed to temple members preferably through the monthly newsletters or at the temple itself.

This unrestricted fund enables the BCC to assign funding to areas essential for the propagation of Jodo Shinshu in Canada. This important fund offers BCC the flexibility to address its most pressing needs, while at the same time allows for the chance to participate in unscheduled opportunities as they arise.

In the year 2006, the fund received $11,170.94 and we are most grateful to the many donors who contributed to our success. In 2007, we can top the $15,000 or even more if all of our ministers, members and friends participate with the BCC Service Day konshi.

Your support in this initiative plays a major role in sustaining a healthy and vibrant religious institution. Each one of you makes a lasting difference. On behalf of the Ministers and Directors of BCC, thank you for your confidence and continual support.

In gassho,

Jim Hisanaga, President