Healing of Two Great Faiths

You may remember the Buddhist statues destroyed by the fundamentalist Taliban army in 2001. Many around the world were horrified that these ancient monuments were attacked. And while that event was not long ago, the incident is part of a long history that has seen these two faiths clash for centuries.

In an effort to bring peace to these two communities, the Manitoba Buddhist Temple invited members of the Muslim community to an interfaith service on Sunday, November 27, 2011.

Hammad Ahmad represented the Winnipeg Ahmadiyya Muslim community. He spoke on how the Buddha was not any different from other prophets of God, that have appeared throughout the world. And that the fundamental beliefs of Buddhism are at one with the rest of the other world faiths.

It is hoped the service will initiate a healing movement between the two faiths of Islam and Buddhism and help to promote a mutual understanding and respect between the followers of the faiths.